Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My New Glasses

"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it."
Charles R. Swindoll

Nonna (20)

Every situation has a thousand possible outcomes. Our choices do influence those outcomes, but there is no way to know what chain of events one simple choice will create. Sometimes we knowingly make not so great choices. But most of the times, we make choices that we believe are good, safe and mundane. 

Every day, Jared makes the choice of whether to ride his bike or not. Granted, some days work, weather or other commitments make the choice for him, but on most days, the choice is up to him. Just last week he decided not to go for a ride, for whatever reason. He figured he would just ride the next day. It rained the next day. 

After that, he kinda made the decision that passing up a riding opportunity without a good reason was not a good choice. 

Rampage Bike Race 20July14 (65)

Riding is his stress relief. Flying down the single-track keeps him happy and healthy- both physically and mentally.

So, when he wanted to get a quick ride in this Saturday before we headed out to camp with friends, it was no big deal. The choice to go ride is one he makes most days of the week (on a good week). 

Dirty new tires(plate)

Did the same ol' that he always does (except he forgot his sunglasses and had to run back home to get them). Once he had everything ready to go, he sent me a text to let me know he was at the trail head (11:42 a.m.). 

Jared was barely a mile down the trail, which means he had only been riding for about five minutes or so when something happened (about 11:50 a.m.).

The next thing he remembers is waking up with his face in the dirt. At first he thought it was a dream. Then he realized it wasn't (about 12:05 p.m.). 

Jared sat for a while, dazed and confused, trying to asses himself and figure out what happened. A fellow mountain biker, Tim, found Jared sitting on the side of the trail. This gentlemen happened to be a doctor (around 12:15 p.m.).

Tim assessed Jared, letting Jared know his options were Life Flight (medical helicopter), or Jared could walk out. Jared decided to walk out (around 12:25 p.m.).

Once the guys made it back to Tim's truck and were headed to the ER, Jared gave me a call. He sounded awful (12:55 p.m.). 

Jared is not a massive risk taker and he doesn't push himself way past his limits. In fact, all the non-mountain bike riding he does is to increase his mountain biking skills. 

Jared's BMX Debut 22Aug13 (8) - Copy

Riding BMX teaches how to control his bike. Same with riding in the bike park. 

Skate Park 16Mar14 (157)

When we go out for family rides or when he takes Emma to the park or around the block, he's always working on his bike handling skills. 

Bike Ride 27Apr14 (6)

We even took a family vacation to Colorado so he could attend a bike skills clinic! 

19-21May14 Boulder, CO (136)

Jared is a skilled and responsible rider (though he wouldn't admit to the skilled part). 

Last day in CO (34)

Always wears his helmet and glasses. Takes enough water and snacks for the ride he plans to do. Carry's a few tools in case of a bike malfunction. And always let's me know where he's riding, when he starts out, and updates me every hour or so. 

But sometimes, life just kicks you in the ass.

First night in the hospital

At that point, your really have two choices. You can have a pity party, or you can put on your perspectacles

This is what I imagine my perspctacles look like. However it's spelled :0)
(This is how I imagine my perspectacles look.)

While I may not be able to spell perspectacles, I seem to be great at wearing them. Here are some of the things that I have seen while wearing them:

#1 and most imoportant- Jared came back to us. He came back broken and bleeding, but he came back. 
#2- He walked out and will walk away from this accident healthy and whole. 
#3- We have the worlds most amazing friends and family to help us and offer us support. 
#4- We have health insurance and...
#5- Access to fantastic medical professionals that are taking amazing care of Jared (and me).

And really, the list just goes on and on. Every day, heck, every couple hours my perspectacles reveal something else that we can be thankful for.  

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure today is going to be a beautiful day. 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Matching Set


Jared now has a matching set of broken clavicles.

April 2012

August 2014

On Saturday, Jared had an argument with the trail, and I think the trail came out the victor. While Jared doesn't remember how he wrecked, we do know this- he lost consciousness, broke his right clavicle, punctured his right lung (minor), broke 7 ribs (some in multiple spots), fractured his right scapula and has a laceration that required 10 stitches.

His bike seems to be ok, but we will be having our friend Travis at Knicker Biker check it out to make sure.

Jared regained consciousness on his own and sat up but was dazed.  A mountain biker by the name of Tim Roux (who happened to be a doctor) found Jared sitting on the side of the trail, assessed the situation, helped Jared walk back to the parking lot and drove him to the ER. Jared had barely made it a mile down the trail, so the walk out wasn't super far.

Once they were in the truck and on the way to the ER, Jared called me from Tim's phone. "It's me. I wrecked. Jim is taking me to the ER. I think I broke my clavicle again."

I told him I would meet him at the ER.

I knew. I knew that this was way worse then the last wreck. He sounded out of it. And in a lot of pain.

Emma and I had been literally walking out the door to go rent some camping gear. I shouted to Emma (who was playing around the corner of the house) to let her know we needed to meet Da at the ER. I told her he wrecked and that he thought his clavicle was broken again. Last time that happened we had been visiting Gramma and Boppa for Easter so she probably remembers it as a fun day!

As soon as I got in the car and stopped shaking so much, I called our friend Minerva.

We have amazing friends.

I knew Jared was worse and I also knew that Emma would be better off NOT going to the ER with me. I asked Minerva if Emma could hang out with them till we knew more. She said yes, so I dropped Emma off with her. Emma was excited to hang out with her BFF Megan :0)

Then I had to stop at the house to get the spare car key and drive back to the trail head to get Jared's wallet.

I was at the ER 40 minutes after I got the call. Tim had waited with Jared until I got there. Jared looked o.k. He was wearing a neck brace (as a precaution) and already had an IV in. They were just getting ready to wheel him down to do some CT scans and what not.

As soon as they wheeled him out, I had to sit down or pass out. Tim brought me up-to-date on what he knew. That's when I figure out he was a doctor :0) They knew the clavicle was broken and they suspected broken ribs. The concussion was a given considering he had lost consciousness.

Tim had no idea how Jared had crashed. When he found Jared he was already sitting up. The section of the trail Jared was on was pretty tame- "Parents take their kids hiking on that trail!" is how Jared explained it to someone yesterday.

Tim is an amazing person. He knew Jared would be worried about his bike, so he offered to take it home and keep it in his garage until we could get it, rather than throw it into the back of the truck. He will drop it off at Knicker Biker for us today.

Jared may or may not remember what happened. He remembered a little more Saturday night- like the fact that he woke up with his face in the dirt- but other than that, he only remember heading out on the trail and then waking up on the ground.

He is in a lot of pain, but his spirits are good. From what the doctors have told us, today will probably be his most painful day. He has this magic green button though that makes life bearable- it supplies him with pain meds on demand :0)

He has already been up and moving around more this morning (it's 9am local time on Monday morning) than he has since he was admitted. He will be in the hospital till Wednesday or Thursday. They need to make sure he is moving around and the he is taking deep breaths. With the broken lungs, breathing is painful which makes him take shallow breaths. This can lead to pneumonia, so he has to take super big breaths as often as possible.

Well, I think that's the gist of what's going on. Feel free to comment with questions. I'm sure I forgot to mention something.  

p.s. Please ignore any typos. My brains a bit tired.

Monday, March 24, 2014


As the title of this post suggests, we have horses EVERYWHERE in our house. For the most part we have them contained to bookcases. Keeping the horses on the bookcases kept the horses off the floor (and beds, and couch, and counter, etc.), but the lightest bump against the bookcases caused the horses to fall over. No good.

Also, having the horses on the bookcase was a huge waste of space. In the amount of space dedicated to 3 or four horses, we could house 10 or more books. Easy.

But, for the most part, keeping the horses on the bookcases worked.

Until I start running out of space for our books.

Which we have (structured schooling requires a few more resources then winging it). So, I needed a plan.

Actually, there had been a plan brewing in my head for probably about a year, but no real need to put it into action.

Today, however, was that day for action. I couldn't take it anymore so, I took my happy self to Home Depot and purchased some lumber, came home and got to work.

Jared helped :0)

Emma's Horse Corral- 23Mar14 (1)

Emma's Horse Corral- 23Mar14 (13)

Emma had taken pictures for us so we would have some pictures of the middle process and of Jared helping as well (instead of him just taking the photos) but for some reason, they didn't save to the computer. It's a mystery. But Jared did help, I promise!

Emma's Horse Corral- 23Mar14 (25)
Here is how we staged it before letting Emma back into the room. 
She had no idea what we were building. 

Emma's Horse Corral Cleanup 23Mar14
Jared, the funny guy he is, took this picture as proof that I can vacuum. 
I told him if we did more projects I would vacuum more :0)

Emma's Horse Corral- Organizing- 23Mar14 (2)
Emma and her hat full of horses. 

Emma's Horse Corral- Organizing- 23Mar14 (10)
About finished for the night. 

So, we finished this up at about 6:45 pm. It actually only took about 2 hours, start to finish, so not to bad. Originally I wanted to hang this over her bed, but Jared thought she would be able to reach things better if it were lower, so that's what we did. It is still anchored to the wall to provide a nice stable (ha ha) spot for her horses without fear of them falling over. 

The finished size is 4'X4' with about 9" per shelf. That gives her lots of space for her horses, but I am already thinking of making another one. I feel like this will have a lot of wasted space with the Schleich horses, but not enough space for the bigger Breyer horses. Plus, I still think it would be cool to have a smaller version over her bed. 

Once Emma has all her horses on there and arranged to her liking, we will post a more finished photo. But, knowing that she takes after me and can rearrange for days at at time, I wouldn't hold your breath in anticipation for that last photo!

That's it for now. Have a wonderful week! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014

Catchy title, huh? I am saving my creativity for other things. Like school work.

January was surprising, and fun, then not so fun. And cold. But all is better now!

Amber and Tucker and Jared conspired together and surprised Emma and I with a visit. It was awesome. 

We went to Flippin Family Fun. 
(you can actually flip through all the photos from here I think. If not, click on the picture and it will take you to the album)

Amber beat me up.

And cousins had fun together. 

We took over 600 photos from the weekend. We had a blast. 

While I hate the snow because it's cold, I do still think it's beautiful. 
This picture was taken at 11pm with no flash or other light from me. 

From 8am the next morning. 

Emma eating breakfast while doing Pascel's Triangle

Taking a bow after a small performance she and a friend came up with. 

Horse lessons. 


Check out that air!

Just cause I love this picture (and this guy).

Off on a trip around the block,

Then the two of them headed to the park for a longer ride.

And the next day she was sick. 
(We were trying to steam out the cough)

Water, juice, apples with honey and cinnamon, and tea

After about 4 days she was feeling well enough to go outside and play- after I made her work :0)

Not 100%, but well enough to be a goof ball.

Of course there was also work, school and jiu-jitsu.

What did your January look like?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What Happened to December?

Not sure if anyone was wondering were we have been, but I thought I would bore you with the details... well photos, anyway of our December.

We were busy with...

Tickle Fights

Bird watching

Reading the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes

Working on school work 
(or getting our Jiu-Jitsu group up and running)

Horse Lessons (though there are never enough)

Writing a book (or two)



Getting choked

Making faces

Taking photos
(with the old and new cameras)

Being cute

Riding horses and playing with the new camera

Beating people up

Stealing birthday presents 

Goofing off

spending time together

playing with friends

getting spoiled

trying to get back on track with our eating
(and playing around with the new camera)

Trying out new things


waiting patiently for parents to get up so birthday goodies could be opened

eating birthday pancakes

getting long coveted books

and new earrings

giving early Christmas gifts 
(because Da has a tendency to burn potholders when using the cast iron skillets- we didn't want him to burn the house down while we were gone)

being silly at birthday lunch

watching the birthday movie- Frozen

Going to Iowa

While Da worked and rode

Spending time with family

Playing with long lost toys

Snuggling and playing with our newest cousin/niece

Heading back to Montana
(with lots of new goodies)

Opening more goodies upon returning home

even some from Santa

Opening gifts from Iowa

and catching up on tickles. 

How was your December?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just Me

Just a quick post to show off my new hair.

Photo of Mama (1)

And really, who wants a post with just a picture of me? Nobody. So, here are some other shots from this month. 

Self Portrait
Self portrait

Rener, Eve and Me
Rener Gracie, me, Eve Torres 
Graduation day from the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Self Defense/Women Empowered program that was taught at Malmstrom AFB. More on this soon. 

Emma's Homemade Birdfeeder (4)
Emma filling her homemade feeder

Chickadee-dee-dee on Emma's homemade feeder.
Photo by Emma

Downy Wood Pecker (2)
Downy Woodpecker 
photo by Emma

And that's about all I have time for. I hope the approaching winter is treating everyone well!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Back in the Saddle- Yippee!

Internal debate sucks. We love Jill and we really want to stick with her as Emma's trainer, but the thought of a winter without horses is agonizing. When I thought about finding a new trainer, I was constantly assaulted with feelings of disloyalty to Jill.

Then I realized that, a winter without horses would be agonizing! So, I put on my big girl pants and stared looking for another trainer. As luck would have it, we found one!

Jared and I took Emma out to meet Sam (the trainer) and Rodney (the lesson horse) this past Saturday. We chatted with Sam for about 30-40 minutes, got to pet Rodney, and made plans for Emma to start lessons the following Wednesday.

Let me just say that it was good we had a friend coming to play on Tuesday, otherwise the wait would have been unbearable.

Finally, FINALLY, Wednesday arrived.

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (2)
Off for a little lunging.

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (6)
Time to mount up!

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (7)
With a little help from Sam

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (9)
Neck reigning is a new concept for us. 

The video is about a minute, but it's fun to watch her trot and you get to see how stubborn Rodney is.

1st Lesson with Sam at CPH (13)
And a happy cowgirl after her lesson. 

Rodney is a great horse, much bigger than Meggie or Otis, but he doesn't move much faster than either of them. He is, however, just as hard to get going as Meggie is. Emma informed me, though, that Rodney's trot is almost worth all the work she has to put into him to get that trot. Way smoother than a pony trot.

Emma was super happy to be around horses again (me too!), and we are both looking forward to working with Sam this winter. As Sam is pretty competative, she is pretty busy over the spring and summer months traveling for competitions, so we will see what happens come spring. 

Till then, we are early anticipating our weekly lessons!