Sunday, July 19, 2015


I love this guy.

Missoula Enduro (25)
Pre-ride for Missoula Enduro
June 2015

I love his willingness to work hard at a job he doesn't particularly love so that we can live this safe, comfortable life that we live. 

Emma and I are working on building a board game based on one of her favorite book series.
"The Books of Elsewhere," by Jacquline West
July 2015

I am so appreciative that he puts up with all our crazy ideas (even ones that don't always turn out awesome- which surprisingly enough, I don't have any photos of).

Snowy Day- KLS (22)
Bailey (a good idea)
January 2015

Homeschooling (a good idea)
July 2015

Working on the Backyard Garden (10)
Growing our own food (even when we don't have a yard- a good idea)
July 2013

Rolling photos by Emma 15Dec13 (6)
Becoming certified to teach women's self-defense ( a SUPER good idea)
December 2013

ECRG V. CCQ 16May15 Fight for Lead (25)
Roller Derby (mostly good!)
May 2015

Horse Lessons- Windy Walkers (19)
Supporting Emma's passion for horses (a fantastic idea)
Lesson at Windy Walkers
October 2014

And so many other crazy ideas that I have come up with. 

I love his sense of humor, his sarcasm, his ability to keep me from jumping feet first into every random thing that strikes my fancy. I love his quite love for Emma and his tolerance for Bailey. 

And I love his passion for mountain biking. 

Helena Ride
Pausing for a photo op in Helena
July 2015

FB Screen Shot
Trail Maintenance and a ride. 
July 2015

Single Tracks Article Photo
Photo from an article Jared wrote for
August 2014

19-21May14 Boulder, CO (136)
Our first real family vacation was due to a mountain bike riding clinic that Jared wanted to attend. So totally worth it. 
May 2014

Rock Springs 18May14 (37)
Working on bike handling skills on our vacation in Colorado. 
May 2014

And his passion is contagious, even if our passions do not always line up. His passion has given me the nudge I needed to find my passion(s). While my passions are not as consistent as his, they are just as fierce while they last. And his passion has shown Emma that even adults can be passionate about something. 

Last day in CO (34)
More family vacation fun!
May 2014

Pony and Pump Track- Perfect 6Apr14 (219)
Practicing her new skills (with her helmet under her hood).
April 2014

Skate Park 30Mar14 (85)
Playing in the skate park builds bike handling skills. 
March 2014

Skate Park 30Mar14 (41)
For everyone!
March 2014

His riding hasn't always been, and won't always be, sunshine and rainbows. Between broken bones, broken bikes (and gear), mother nature, and work commitments, keeping his passion alive sometimes requires work on both our parts. 

Broken right clacvicle

Bozemen Enduro (5)
Casualty of the Bozeman Enduro as well as some scratches, bruises and sore muscles. Thankfully the shades got the worst of it.
July 2015

I'm not going to lie. Every time the phone rings when he is out on a ride, my heart skips a tiny beat. But, despite the risks, time, and money commitment, supporting Jared's passion for mountain biking is so totally worth it. Riding keeps him happy and healthy and is something fun he can share with me and Emma. 

Ride with Jared FB screen shot
I need to work on my bike riding muscles!
July 2015

Tina's BMX Debut 20Aug13 (8)
Here I am trying out BMX!
August 2013

First Family Bike Ride 2014 (27)
Goofing off at the park
January 2014

Riding with Pedals collage
Teaching Emma to ride (with pedals) 
April 2014

Bike Ride 27Apr14 (6)
Didn't take her long to get the hang of it. 
River's Edge Trail
April 2014

Even when we are not on bikes, Emma and I love to share Jared's passion. It's get's us out and about, seeing new places, trying new things. 

Missoula Enduro (26)
Pre-ride for the Missoula Enduro.
June 2015

Missoula Enduro collage
Hiking while Jared rides.
June 2015

Missoula Enduro (154)
Emma ringing the cow bell as Jared finishes the race.
June 2015

Missoula Enduro (155)
Well deserved high-five. 
June 2015

Sure there are less dangerous hobbies out there, but really? I wouldn't ask him to give up his passion for anything. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ohh, So Pretty!

There is no rhyme or reason to when I post. Usually, though, a post comes about because I did something crafty that came out awesome or I took a really great picture.

Or because I realize that it's been MONTHS since I shared photos with the family.

So, today's post is because I am super excited about how pretty my new plants look. Don't worry, I'll throw in a few photos of Emma to keep you interested.

Emma Lifting Bailey (1)

This photo is of a child who is super excited that she was finally able to lift her dog. As I was uploading the photo to Flicker, I was thinking how silly it is to be excited about something so small. Then I remembered back to when I was a kid and how happy I was when I could finally lift our dog. Granted, Buddy weighted closer to 40 or 50 pounds, but still, I was so excited. I'm pretty sure I even have a picture of it somewhere. 

Birthday Giving Party (7)

A photo from Emma's birthday party. I wanted to share a photo of all the girls getting the donation bags decorated and filled, but there are cute kid faces in all the photos and I don't like to share photos of other people without permission.

Birthday Giving Party (22)

However, I have no problem bragging about how awesome our friends are. We had seven girls at the party and between them all, we managed to fill 16 bags/boxes to donate to the children's wing at our local hospital. The girls had a blast decorating the bags and then had even more fun filling them. 

Happy 9th Birthday! (46)

For Emma's birthday day, we stuck with our yearly tradition of going to the movies. We actually had choices this year! We decided to go see the Penguins of Madagascar. It was pretty awesome. 

Merry Christmas (31)

Despite the fact that we opened our Christmas presents two weeks early, Santa still stopped in to drop this off for Emma. She has decided to start collecting Painted Ponies. She has also requested I make her a curio cabinet to display them in. 

Merry Christmas (32)

For Christmas, Santa made sure I had time to myself. I got to sand and rebuild this bookcase that Emma and I rescued from the alley. It looks great in Emma's room. 

Now, for the real reason of this post!

2412 House Photos (2)

2412 House Photos (4)

2412 House Photos (5)

I know, your are speechless from all that awesomeness!

Actually, your probably wondering what the heck you are suppose to find so cool. It's the plants in the jars with the rocks and the fabric. I have been wanting house plants for a few years now, but we really haven't had anywhere to put them until now. So, over the last few days I have bought some plants. I'm trying not to break the bank with my newest obsession so instead of buying really expensive pots to house my new plants, I decided to look around and see what I could make work for now. As I love and collect class jars/containers I had a few to choose from. 

I didn't want to actually plant the little guys in the glass jars (at least not yet), so I looked around to see what we could use to help the plants not get lost in the containers. Emma's rock collection was the perfect thing!

Then, to hide the ugly green plastic pots the plants came in, I decided to tie some fabric around the jars and I even went so far as to color coordinate the fabric that I have in the library. I know, sometimes I even amaze myself. 

Here is a full view of the bookcases with plants. 

2412 House Photos (9)

Here is what the bookcases look like without their curtains.

2412 House Photos (13)

I have more awesome house updates to show you, but I need to actually get things picked up and put away a little more before I take and post photos. We are loving the house even though I still think it's too big. We've double our furniture in the last two weeks (all for free, yay!) and there are still more things I'd like to add (mostly more bookcases...). But for now, I am trying to just make what we do have look more cohesive and less thrift store chic. 

That being said, we are off to the thrift stores tomorrow to look for fun plant containers!

I hope the Winter is treating you all well. Me? I am counting down the days till Spring!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Almost 2015!

Really, it's almost 2015 already?

This last year and especially this last month have FLOWN by. 

Last month we hit the two year mark for Jared being back in the military, he got a promotion in September (while he was broken and on convalescence leave), we moved (again) in October, we took our first family vacation back in May, we got a surprise visit in January from Amber and Tucker and so much more. 

While I have pictures from the entire year, I'll only bore you with photos from this last month and a half. 

Emma and Bailey 3Nov14 (10)
Walking Bailey

Working on 4-H project
Working on photography 4-H project

Bailey's New Sweatshirt (5)
It gets SO COLD here. We had to make Bailey a sweater. 

agility training for Bailey (25)
Working on agility with Bailey

agility training for Bailey (32)
Super Bailey!

Hugs and giggles with Da (2)
Snuggles with Da

Walking Bailey (7)
More walks with Bailey

First Wire Sculpture (1)
Playing with wire and aluminum foil sculpture

Reading with Bailey (1)
Reading buddy.

Surprise from Da- Forbidden Desert (5)
Da surprised us with a new board game- Forbidden Desert. It's a cooperative game.

Obediance Class 28Nov14 (2)
Obedience for Bailey. This apron from Memere is perfect for dispensing treats.

Rivers Edge Trail Dec14 (7)
Walks down by the river with our friend Skylar

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (1)
Da's promotion ceremony.

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (7)
Restating the officers oath.

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (8)
Da explaining to Emma that it's tradition to tack (punch) the new rank to make sure it sticks. 

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (9)
She punched him so hard I felt it through Jared's back!

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (10)

Promotion Ceremony 1st LT (12)
The cake they got for the promotion had a bike on it. 

341 MMSX Holiday Party 2014 (13)
Jared and I at his holiday party. It was a 1920's Prohibition theme and we had a blast. 

341 MMSX Holiday Party 2014 (16)
I made my shrug, head piece AND I did my own makeup. 

341 MMSX Holiday Party 2014 (112)
I love this photo :0)

341 MMSX Holiday Party 2014 (185)
Some of the party decor. 

We are impatient. We opened our Christmas presents yesterday and it was so worth it. Emma has been playing her new piano keyboard every chance she gets. 

If you decided to follow us on Instagram, you'll get to see pictures all month long, not just whenever I remember to write a blog post. 

We hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!